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Bait and Switch

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“Yes, we support natural birth.”  Knowing full well that most first-time mamas are induced so it is a moot point entirely.  The average gestation for a first time mama is 41 weeks 1 day.  When do most OBs start suggesting induction?

“Yes, we support VBAC.”  Until you fail to follow the standard protocol and suddenly you’re told (in LABOR!) that you can no longer have a VBAC.

“Yes we welcome birth plans.”  Until you submit yours at 38 weeks and the OB crosses a line through the things she won’t do.  And it is awful tricky to find a new OB willing to take you (the difficult patient) after 38 weeks.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Think I make this stuff up?  No.  The families I work with are handled this way all! the! time!  I have so many stories.   

Let’s take today, for example. 

My student switches to a practice recommended for their wonderful VBAC support.  She cancels her regular prenatal appointment because she believes she is in labor.  She is told to go straight to the hospital with her bags packed. 

Her contractions are just 1o minutes apart.  This may be a practice run.  This may take a couple of days.  She decides to stay home awhile.  And then a receptionist calls to tell her she will no longer be “allowed” to have a VBAC since she didn’t go in when they said. 

How do you disallow someone from having a VBAC?  The baby will come out.  There is no stopping it.  It is a normal, bodily process.  It would be like telling someone they were not allowed to digest their lunch. 

This manipulative and insulting treatment has got to stop.  It must.

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  1. I got online to post a funny story but started typing and that rant happened. Maybe I’ll get to the funny story tomorrow…

  2. Just…so many swear words. If this is the practice and patient I fear it is, I REALLY want to march down there and punch that receptionist in the face.

    I don’t even understand this line of logic. Do they expect her to march in there after being scolded like a child and just agree to them cutting her open for punishment? It doesn’t even make sense. I’m so angry.

  3. I’d love to hear the ending of this story! Though I’m afraid of what it may be. Angry on behalf of that mama, beyond words.

  4. I have an update! The mom went into the hospital with the hope that she would concede to anything if they would let her go home. Since it is a holiday weekend–it could go either way. They were super nice! And sent her home! Hoorah!

  5. They threatened her…they said something they knew would hit to her core (no VBAC) to get their way. Disgusting 😦

    I’m so glad they let her go home.

  6. I have a friend that went through the VBAC birth plan bait and switch. She is 33 weeks. Hopefully she found a new provider, my home birth midwife. 🙂

    • Yeah, homebirth is the only guarantee of being allowed to try for a VBAC around here. Your midwife is very supportive of it 🙂

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