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An idea that you can test

Norah (4yrs) has been fascinated with “hypothesis” lately.  She is ever performing science experiments.  A few days ago, she was rolling objects down the back of the couch to see which hit the cushion first.  And Sunday, she made a pulley using rope and a door knob to lift her stuffed monkey.  She spontaneously turned her rice crackers into moon phases. 

Recently regarding the mouse on her laptop (yes, she has a laptop–it was one we had retired):

Norah:  Daddy, my mouse won’t work.

Scott:  Well, let’s see.  Hmmm…it looks like someone cut the cord (!).  With scissors?  Norah, did you cut your mouse with scissors?

Norah:  No.  It just stopped working.

Scott:  You didn’t cut it with scissors?

Norah:  Well, actually.  Yes.

Scott:  Why did you lie?

Norah:  Because that is what I do.

Later she told me she had simply wanted to see what would happen.  All the while I thought she didn’t know what “hypothesis” even meant.

Norah:  Mom, a hypothesis is an idea we can test. 

Hmm…maybe instead of homeschooling, I should just let her watch “Sid the Science Kid” all day long.  And hide the scissors.

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  1. Her brain is scary! In a good way. More frightening? “Because that is what I do.” You are a good, patient mama with a super special girl.

  2. “Because that is what I do.” 😀 Maybe this is common among four-year-olds because when I was four I used the scissors to cut a hole in my nightgown and went and told my mom I caught it on a nail in the hallway–just to see if she’d believe it. She was skeptical but didn’t call me out on it. Now I am getting a little nervous, because Suzi will be four in May…

  3. oh, your little darling just cracks me up. thanks for sharing these stories…

  4. I thought it did sound like she is Sid the Science Kid. I actually like that cartoon. The lying thing reminds me of a post by Scott Daily on Peaceful Parenting (I think). His theory is kids lie because they are always seeking to please. I’ve been working on re-wording my statements/questions so that it prevents Liam from having the opportunity to lie. It’s not really working though. LOL. Norah is a cool kid and I think that if I didn’t know how much stuff costs, cutting the cord to the mouse would be fun. Then you can look at all of the wires coming out, count them, try to figure out what they do.

  5. Wesley outwitted me at this age;I knew I had a future engineer on my hands. Norah will change the world!


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