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Behind the scenes

I always post the beautiful pictures from the wonderful Tracie Birch.  When we do a photo shoot with her, I often feel deflated afterwards because I can’t imagine that she got anything lovely out of the madness.  But she is a miracle worker.  Or either has mad photoshop skills.  But today I thought I’d share some of the photos of the pictures that did not make it into a wall frame.


The poop blowout.

Feel sorry for the juice box.

The sneer.

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  1. I love that first picture, for some reason. And the second one made me smile when I saw it on Facebook because that is so similar to what Ivey looks like sometimes.

  2. LOVE the poop blowout! A slice of life. Your hubby’s face and hands in that shot are priceless!! LOL

  3. I LOVE these! Always keep this shots of “real life”. I like to say the picture-perfect shots are how we’d like to remember everything! =)

  4. Hannah Proctor

    My favourite are the “real life” pictures.


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