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Blazing Trails

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Recently, my repeat client had a repeat breech.  I blogged once before about this amazing woman.

As you know, in the US, it is impossible challenging to find an OB willing to manage a vaginal breech birth.  Heading into a repeat cesarean, this mama did her research and opened a dialogue with her OB about her choices.

I’m delighted to report that Dr. Cowart with Greer OB supported her choice to wait 1 minute before clamping the cord and to have baby placed skin-to-skin.  She enjoyed skin-to-skin contact for over an hour after her baby’s birth. 

I hesitate in posting this because I’m afraid Greer OB will be overrun with families who want choices in their births!  Soon, they might become like Dr. Polo Shirt who is so busy he’s turning expectant families away. 

Thank you to this mama who maybe blazed a trail for other women to have this conversation!  And congratulations on your beautiful baby!

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  1. Great to hear! Love hearing about a mama’s wishes being listened too and granted! One of my doula partners just had a client have beautiful delivery at Greer today with Dr. Cowart. I love to refer my clients to Greer OB and also to Dr. Stafford!

  2. Yay, Dr. Cowart! I just chose him for my primary doctor, after seeing all the Greer folk during my pregnancy. Love him.

  3. I love that Dr. Stafford has such a great reputation for providing excellent OB care but turning people away…guess I’ll have to be beating down his door at the first positive pregnancy test if we have another one.


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