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The Great Invention (Norah’s booby trap)

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Sometimes they play so sweetly.  Like when Norah reads to Cedar. 

But the rivalry began early.  About 2 weeks after Cedar was born, Norah calmly suggested we throw her to the lions.  Or take her outside and leave her in the grass. 

More recently, Norah announced the completion of her “Great Invention.”  In case you haven’t heard, Norah is an excellent engineer.  She ties amazing knots (often tying my skirt strings to a kitchen drawer handle while I’m cooking…yes, disaster).  Her goal is to become an architect and she designs and builds fun projects:  a birdhouse, a leprauchan trap, etc.

And then, The Great Invention. 

I was confused when I first saw it.  She eagerly explained it to me.

“Cedar will follow the trail of money.”  See the pennies lined up on the floor?  They were carefully lined up through several rooms.

“Then she’ll want the paper money, the sucker, and the sweet potato.”  I’m not sure Norah knows the term yet but she’s describing “bait.”

“After she gets the money and potato, she’ll sit in the camping chair.  The dragon will scare her and she’ll fall out of the chair, land on the broom, and fly through the air.”  What is the blue napkin for?  “Oh, that is to catch the blood when she lands.  Her nose will be ‘blooding.'”  I’m not sure what the dustpan is for.

Good stuff.

Sadly (for Norah) it didn’t work.  Back to the drawing board.

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  1. It is the brilliance of this idea that cracks me up!!!
    My grands…make me smile once again.

  2. Why do I have visions of Wiley Coyote…and an Acme catalog?

  3. I cannot stop laughing! That was thoughtful to put a napkin in the floor to keep the kitchen clean =) What will she think of next?!


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