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Men of the Cloth

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I’ve taught five Cloth Diaper 101 classes since December.  Each time, I think…surely there won’t be any students left in Greenville who will attend.  And each time, there is a crowd.  Bring in some more chairs!

Yesterday’s class was no different.  Except the students were all pregnant for the first time.  And each pregnant mama was accompanied by a dad.  Perfect dad attendance. 

Not only that–some of these dads could have taught the class.  They had studied up on cloth!  I was amazed at their comments and questions. 

While we don’t get gold stars in parenting for using cloth diapers, I’m thrilled that so many couples in Greenville are making this environmental choice.  Each parent who makes the choice to cloth diaper reduces our local landfill space by over 2 tons per child. 

Well-done, you environmentally savvy couples!

If you’d like to learn more about cloth, the Cloth Diaper 101 class is offered every 3rd Saturday at 1pm.  It is free!

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  1. That’s great! Tony is very pro-cloth and schools others in the advantages.

  2. We are using cloth this time around and I am planning on coming to one of the classes very soon! Been doing my research, and slowly building my stash of diapers. It is fun!

  3. It really is great to have a dad who is supportive of cloth diapering. Robert goes through a ton of diapers, and Jordan has been doing ALL the laundry for the past week. I’m impressed that we haven’t had to fashion a makeshift diaper out of a blanket or anything yet! He’s changed almost all of them too.


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