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New Birth Story!

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I added a beautiful birth story to the collection.  This Hypnobabies birth was with the new Greenville Midwifery Care at GHS.  It was mom’s first baby!  Get a kleenex before clicking over.

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  1. Hey, Good Morning to you,
    We have never met, but you accompanied my dearest friend Elenia through her labor and birth. And since I am planning to do a doula training here in Germany in the Fall, I thought i might try to get in touch with you and ask about reading materials. I will do the training in German, but would like very much to read alongside it, in English. What books did you read? A loaded question, surely, but if you had to list ESSENTIALS, what might they be?
    Elenia is my first son Oliver’s Godmama, and I am Godmama Prilly, to Cece.
    I am siked to read your bloging.
    Warm Regards,
    April Lanman, aka Mama


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