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Babylegs in the doula bag?

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When my girls were wee babes, I thought Babylegs were just for little legs.  They looked so adorable.  And sometimes the legwarmers were the only thing I could get Norah to wear.


We also used them as arm-warmers and in costumes.


I thought I was pretty clever when I packed them to cover Cedar’s airplane seatbelt so she wouldn’t escape and cause mayhem.

Babylegs are pretty versatile.  But why do I pack them in my doula bag?

For hospital births, most women are forced encouraged to get a hep-lock.  The hep-lock provides IV access in case of emergency.  I haven’t met a natural birther yet who loved her hep-lock.  In fact, at many births, the birthing woman complains more about the hep-lock than anything else.

It’s usually placed in a spot that is uncomfortable during the poses a natural birthing woman chooses.  It might be in the bend of the wrist.  Sometimes it snags on things as the mom moves.  And it is very visible to the mom.

I’ve known more than one birthing woman to rip out her hep-lock and throw it across the room in a blaze of glory.

Babylegs are perfect for sliding over the hep-lock and keeping it out of sight/out of mind.  It keeps it from snagging on things.


Has anyone else found creative uses for their Babylegs?

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  1. I’ve been making rice socks out of them. They are the perfect size/shape, and you only have to sew up 2 ends. Yay recycling!

  2. Brilliant – simply brilliant!

  3. That is smart! Just the thought of a hep lock makes me feel yucky. Suzi is having a roller derby-themed birthday, complete with outfit, and when I couldn’t find any rainbow striped knee socks the right size, I was happy to find that the babylegs she wore as a newborn will work great! Yay!

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