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I am excited to share Moira’s birth story!  Moira experienced a completely comfortable birth using Hypnobabies.  I’ve never seen doctors and nurses behave the way they did at her birth.  She refused to be checked for dilation and she was so relaxed that her care providers didn’t believe she was very far along.  I had to physically go find a nurse (twice–she didn’t come the first time) because the baby was almost born!  Moira had the Hypnobabies sign on her hospital door and once everyone realized that she really was about to give birth, curious nurses quietly filed in to watch.  The doctor waited for the placenta to deliver before clamping the cord.  Later the doctor told me, “I just got caught up in the physiological process!”



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  1. It never gets old reading these wonderful stories. This was a great one 🙂


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