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VBA2C can happen at a rural hospital

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At our April Blessingway, our positive birth story was Sarah’s VBA2C.  VBA2C stands for vaginal birth after 2 previous cesareans.  It is difficult to find a provider willing to take a VBA2C at a large hospital with 24 hour anesthesia and a level III NICU.  I know.  I’ve had clients try.  So to hear of a rural hospital supporting a VBA2C made me take notice. 

Of course, Sarah, who is also a nurse, pointed out that if a hospital is afraid of the risks of VBAC, they should not be doing any births.  There are higher risks for other types of birth-related complications.  (Ahem, Palmetto Baptist Medical Center Easley). 

Sarah found a supportive practice who influenced their hospital, Oconee Medical Center.  Drs Shannon Poole and Virginia Bass in Seneca (Blue Ridge Women’s Center) seem to be supportive of patient choice.   

Sarah shared that Oconee’s L&D nurse manager even held an in-service to help the other nurses understand VBACs and not be concerned about Sarah’s upcoming birth.  Some of them had not seen a VBAC before. 

If you’re on that side of the Upstate, it sounds like this practice is worth checking out.  I find AnMed Hospital to be a tricky place to birth, and an even trickier place to VBAC.  Oconee might be a good alternative.

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