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I love ACOGV.  I do.  I found so many answers to my questions regarding women’s health.  And such warmth! 

Oh wait, you thought I meant ACOG as in American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists!  Um, no way–not ever. 

No, I love Acupuncture Center of Greenville!  Today I had my first experience with acupuncture.  Cassandra Nelson spent time answering my questions about how acupuncture can help women during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  She looked at my tongue and drew a picture of it; which I promptly demanded to see.  My hubby and child (long tonguers) make fun of my short tongue and have thereby created a tongue “issue.”  

I was nervous.  I didn’t even feel the first two needles.  I felt a few but it wasn’t painful.  The two in my ear were unpleasant but not unbearable.  Then the best part:  she left me in the dark room with relaxing music.  I felt warm and heavy.  I left feeling as great as when I get a massage. 

Cassandra was professional and knowledgeable.  Now, does anyone know what a pale tongue indicates?

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  1. No idea…what does a pale tongue indicate?
    Cool deal. I have thought about acupuncture for my crazy hormones. Glad to hear it was a good experience for you.

  2. Interesting! Pale tongue…in the medical field, the tongue is an area that we look for insight into the ‘inner workings’ of the digestive system.
    Dig into that one and reveal.

  3. Ah yes–cold syndrome. I do have a cold cold heart.

    Seriously, though, my BBT chart rarely goes above 98 degrees. I hover around 96 or 97 most days.

  4. I just found this post, don’t know how I missed it before.

    I too love Cassandra. Nothing like a couple well-placed needles to get a full-term woman into labor! Hard to imagine that was almost 9 months ago! Babies don’t stay babies long enough!


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