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A Vent, Purely a Vent

This story begins with a dead ipod.  I had a wonderful Rob Bell sermon podcast I planned to listen to on my drive last night to a prenatal appointment.  Instead, I found my ipod was dead.  No battery power remaining.  Shoot.   

A nice phone conversation with my sister got me to the prenatal, but coming home I had to resort to the radio.  I flipped through channels to catch the end of Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson.  He was railing about retailers who do not display Christmas decorations or wish customers a “Merry Christmas.”  Well folks, when Jim Dobson is riled up about something, he must do something .  Usually the result is a ban or a petition.  So Focus on the Family has created “Stand for Christmas” a website on which shoppers can report naughty stores and sign a petition.  Naughty stores wish customers a “Happy Holiday” or put up other holiday signs to honor Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or [gasp] do nothing at all!

Did you know Walmart is “Christmas-Friendly?”  That the giant mega-monster gets Dr. Dobson’s stamp of approval?  Oh indeed.

What a bunch of drivel. 

Here I am worried that my Christmas gifts are ethically produced; that they are not made by enslaved children or exploited adults and “America’s most influential evangelical leader” is guiding his followers to instead count the number of “Merry Christmas” signs as they fill their carts with slave-made chocolate.

I know he isn’t a scoundrel.  He really isn’t.  He is a good guy.  But there are some very real issues surrounding American consumerism. 

I just wish he would have gotten serious about something a little more in tune with the reason to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Maybe promote something like Advent Conspiracy.