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I haven’t written a book post in awhile.  Here are a few of the books we’ve been reading lately:

Nora and the Great Bear:  Norah LOVES this book.  Young girl trying to keep up with the adults.  She ends up discovering better ways of living (sum-up:  you catch more bears with honey than guns…).

A Cat in a Kayak:  A book I bought for Scott.  I don’t think he read it.  But Norah likes it.  About a man who lives on an island and transports via kayak an assortment of animals to join him.

The Gas we Pass:  Seriously, I learned some scientific things from this book.  I mean, how many children’s books teach that a healthy person releases about 2 cups of gas each day?  And contains such scientific lines as “These gases are made when leftover food is broken down by bacteria, rots and becomes poop.”  

She is Born:  I’ve been reading this book to Norah since, well, she was born.  And I still cannot read it without crying.  Still.  If you are searching for the perfect gift for a new mother of a daughter, you cannot go wrong with this book.   

The Runaway Pumpkin:  Because it is October!  Hoorah!

You can also take a look at the books we don’t yet own on Norah’s wishlist.  You might even find some gift ideas for a toddler in your circle.