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Who is this woman?

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Today, having joined other moms at the monthly Cloth Diapering Group to discuss laundry issues and while sharing a cup of organic green tea with agave nectar with my daughter, I wondered…who is this woman?  I once lived off ramen noodles and spent days reading fiction.   

Words overheard at the mom’s group:  poop, growing so fast, amber teething necklace, child-directed, attachment parenting, meltdown, basal temp, environment, your child escaped, sleep, no, raising our children, bamboo, how often do you wash, discipline, microfiber, love and anger, potty, ovulation, mommy’s milk, babylegs, be gentle, odor, odor-remover, nursed all night, share your toys, see you next month. 

My husband asked me last night:  Do you ever think of anything except breasts? 

I had mentioned that stem cells have been found in breastmilk.       

Again, who is this strange woman? 

I like her.