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“I Didn’t Do It.”

“Watch this” is the most frequently heard phrase from our toddler. 

“I didn’t do it” is becoming a close second.  Often when I walk into a room, the first thing I hear is “Mama, I didn’t do it.”  Of course, my first reaction is “Well, who did it?”  And it is always either Jude (our dog) or one of her imaginary friends. 

Norah has several imaginary friends:  Toe-Stomper, Sally, Desa, Veda, Aida, and Erma.  Oh, and a little girl named Norah–she lives in mirrors. 

Norah describes Toe-Stomper as a little boy who wears goggles.  This week Toe-Stomper broke a lamp, spilled a glass of water, and ripped mommy’s contact lens in half.  It was my last contact lens.    

I asked my sister (a counselor who works with children) how to handle this and she said to address the clean-up/consequences to Norah since these are her friends.  She suggested that I not challenge the reality of these friends.  The culprit usually leaves by the time the deed is discovered.  And Norah is left to face the music.  I’ve told her that she is in charge of her friends when they are in this house.  If they are about to do something that is not permitted (ahem, like open mommy’s contact lens case), then she must tell them “no.” 

I had an imaginary friend named Sheshach.  He disappeared not long after my sister was born.  I guess it is pretty normal for a first-born?  And harmless?       

Still.  I was pretty bummed about my contact lens.