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Solid Food Poo Meets the BG Diaper Sprayer

I feel like “Kung Fu Fighting” should be playing in the background as I type. 

Cedar is enjoying solids.  I have mixed feelings.  Because solids = poo that doesn’t rinse out in the wash.  My life has gotten more complicated.  Enter the bumGenius diaper sprayer.  I didn’t have one of these gadgets with Norah.  My “dealing with the poopies” method with her was decidedly low-tech.  Hint:  it involved toilet paper.  Thank you, Katy and John, for gifting us with the fancy schmancy sprayer!  It attaches to the toilet and we (and by “we” I mean “I”) spray the poo into oblivion. 

Of course, since I frequently shoot for the stars, I chose to feed Cedar some blueberries.  Yeah.  I wanted to put the sprayer (and my stomach) to the test. 

That said, after Marion’s presentation on EC at the Blessingway today, perhaps I won’t have many poopy diapers in my future.  We shall see.

So what does the wee soon-to-be-7-month old eat?  She loves avocado, apples, zucchini, carrots, butternut squash to name a few.  I don’t follow many of the food rules.  I don’t introduce one thing at a time.  I don’t mash it all into oblivion after reading about gag reflexes and spoon feeding.  For instance, I steam the carrots and then bite off tiny pieces so she can play with them and chomp.  The only thing she has refused was barley.  I ended up eating it all.  Which is the beauty of making baby food–I’m willing to eat it too.  This morning she devoured part of my whole wheat banana pancake.  All in all, she’s an enthusiastic eater with many adorable mmmm sounds and blissed out faces. 

And finally, I have it from a lovely medical professional that Cedar is perfect.  I mean, I knew that.  But it is nice to have it officially stated.