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4 month breastfeeding update

While my breasts don’t twitter, I know some of you have been following their functionality with interest.  And some of you (ahem, Brian, Finch) prefer not to know about my bodily functions!  Sorry guys–feel free to stop reading at this point. 

Breastfeeding after reduction surgery is unpredictable.  Supply can increase with each child; or may not.  While I had hoped to build a full supply of milk, I did not.   

Cedar:  Still getting breastmilk for all her meals.  I’ve been so blessed by milk donation.  She nurses off and on through the night and I do not have to give a supplemental bottle from about 8pm-10am.  During the day, it is challenging to get her to nurse.  She prefers to nurse with both of us lying down; which makes nursing in public difficult.  Ok, impossible.  It is infuriating because I’m all about women’s right to nurse in public and I want to promote our visibility.  Not to be.  At least right now.  And I will admit that I’m a tad embarrassed to feed her with a bottle in public so I often do that in the car.  Cedar’s other frustrating quirk is that she won’t comfort nurse.  Boo. 

Me:  I have weaned off some of the herbs and helps.  Currently, I’m on the maximum GRAS amount of fenugreek.  So, yeah, still smelling like maple syrup.  I decreased my dosage of domperidone.  I’m on 90mg/day.  I drink at least one strong cup of mother’s milk tea with caraway/fennel/goat’s rue/nettle/oatstraw/milk thistle every day.  And I take an alfalfa supplement.  Emotionally, I’m still processing the experience and my disappointment.  I need lots of reassurance that I did everything possible.  My friends have been super positive about my processing. 

I had one major meltdown last week when I’d planned an afternoon in Greer for playing with friends and running some errands.  I managed to spill all of Cedar’s donor milk.  My options were to buy formula or go home.  I went home.  And I was spluttery mad that my breasts wouldn’t make enough milk.  Irrational regret and beating-up-of-self. 

Still, breasts are so amazing.  Did you know that your breasts can regulate the different temperature needs of twins?  One breast will heat up for one twin and the other will cool down if needed.  It is called Breast Biosynchrony.  How incredible!  Men don’t have such cool super-powers.