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Different as night and day

IMG_8924Night:  Cedar is a dream when it comes to nighttime parenting.  She nurses to sleep around 10pm.  Then she wakes at 3am and nurses lying beside me.  She wakes again at 6am for more food.  And I believe her deepest sleep happens between 6:30am and 9:30am.  She does not have crying fits at night.  She only grumbles a bit for food when she wakes. 

Day:  There are Crying Fits.  She will not nap lying down.  So I wear her in the wrap which wears me out!  My body hurts after wearing a baby for most of the day.  I’ve tried to stealthily lie down and carefully untie the wrap in bed.  She wakes in a Crying Fit.  Our day goes like this:


10 minutes of smiley time in the bouncy seat

Crying Fit

Wrap while walking/bouncing for 15 minutes

Sleep in wrap for 2-3 hours

10 minutes of smiley time

Diaper change

Crying Fit



The WORST part is that she hates the carseat.  So I don’t want to go anywhere because my sweet baby will be screaming in the backseat.  And no, she will not take a paci.  So far.  We’re 30 minutes from everywhere.  Any tips for carseat peace?  I’ve tried white noise and rolling the windows down and different music styles.  I even tried Rush Limbaugh.  But then I was screaming.

I look forward to nights.