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X-ray Vision

I’ve been absent. 

For some crazy reason, I decided to make all our gifts this Christmas.  So I’ve been busy, busy, busy sewing, baking, concocting, and knitting.   

Norah turned three this month and with the grand old age of three years, she also turned chatterbox.  Seriously.  We obliged her wish for a “blueberry birthday” and celebrated with our family.  Thank you Zach for the amazing blueberry smoothies.  Thank you Broomes for the incredible blueberry bush.  Thank you mom and dad for letting us use your house.  Thank you everyone for the precious time together and of course, Norah thanks you for her gifts!

One quick story before I get back to the gift making:  Norah had her very first sick visit to the doctor.  I was furious because our oh-so-carefully-selected-for-this-very-reason family doctor could not fit her in and told us to go to urgent care.  !!$&*#&@!!  Incidentally, earlier this year, they could not see my husband when we thought he smashed his face in a kayak accident.  That was an urgent care trip, too.  I thought this is why we HAD a family doctor!   

At urgent care, we were honored by the extraordinarily brief presence of a doctor who had consumed way too much coffee and barely looked at Norah before ordering a chest x-ray.  

After the chest x-ray (which was clear), the not-on-a-caffeine-buzz technician showed Norah her heart.  Norah squinted at the x-rays, paused a moment, then asked “But where is Jesus?”