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X-ray Vision

I’ve been absent. 

For some crazy reason, I decided to make all our gifts this Christmas.  So I’ve been busy, busy, busy sewing, baking, concocting, and knitting.   

Norah turned three this month and with the grand old age of three years, she also turned chatterbox.  Seriously.  We obliged her wish for a “blueberry birthday” and celebrated with our family.  Thank you Zach for the amazing blueberry smoothies.  Thank you Broomes for the incredible blueberry bush.  Thank you mom and dad for letting us use your house.  Thank you everyone for the precious time together and of course, Norah thanks you for her gifts!

One quick story before I get back to the gift making:  Norah had her very first sick visit to the doctor.  I was furious because our oh-so-carefully-selected-for-this-very-reason family doctor could not fit her in and told us to go to urgent care.  !!$&*#&@!!  Incidentally, earlier this year, they could not see my husband when we thought he smashed his face in a kayak accident.  That was an urgent care trip, too.  I thought this is why we HAD a family doctor!   

At urgent care, we were honored by the extraordinarily brief presence of a doctor who had consumed way too much coffee and barely looked at Norah before ordering a chest x-ray.  

After the chest x-ray (which was clear), the not-on-a-caffeine-buzz technician showed Norah her heart.  Norah squinted at the x-rays, paused a moment, then asked “But where is Jesus?”   


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  1. Amazing picture! That is our doctor too, btw (although we haven’t needed them yet). Good to know.

  2. a beautiful blueberry girl.

  3. Just for the record, the policy at Dr. Polo Shirts’ office is that if you are sick we will see you today. If that does not happen he wants to know about it. It is sometimes a challenge to accomplish that, but that is the commitment of this family physician to his patients.

  4. As a matter of fact, Dr. Polo Shirt, I called your office on my way to urgent care. I was worried it would be a crazy wait at urgent care and I wanted a back-up plan. I was told that we could be seen that day–even transferring as a new patient.

    I don’t know how you do it but I’m glad there are still doctors like you around! And, we will be switching over.

  5. Dr. Polo Shirt has ALWAYS seen me as soon as I wanted/needed to be seen. Several times I have even been told just to come when I can, and the worked me in! And I must say it is especially nice to be able to call after hours and speak DIRECTLY with my doctor, not an answering service across the country!

  6. I have an appointment to see “Dr. Polo Shirt” on the 7th. We’re excited to meet him! We’re thinking of switching, too.

  7. Thanking God that Norah was a big witness to the tech. What a blessing to have her speak up for Jesus!!

  8. Such an adorable picture and story…the simple truth from a three-year old!
    Are their eyes more in tune with the spirit world or are they so trusting that simple faith is demonstrated? “…led by a little child!”

    Now, talking about family docs…as a past office nurse, I can tell you that IF your physician dictates how the office will be run, it will run exactly that way. Therefore, if you hand-selected your family doctor based on what he or she said would happen in the event of an illness, and it did not happen, I highly suggest that you inform that physician. Because if an ‘office person’ made that decision without guidance from that doctor, the doc deserves to know and respond. If, however, the doctor made that decision based on ‘the day’ without care for what was promised, dust your feet and move on…you would not put up with poor service from a plumber, why should you from a doctor?


  9. I get such joy from you and your family! Your blog is hilarious and beautiful! What did the technician say to sweet Norah? Oh to keep a child-like spirit within myself… Thank you Norah!


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