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I’ve always fancied the word “doppelganger”

My husband seems to have several look-a-likes. 

For the longest time, we picked on him because he looks like David Phelps.  Scott HATES southern gospel music.  Passionate dislike.  He cut his curls off once, I’m certain, because I posted a Phelps picture on facebook and tagged him.  Some of our friends really thought it was Scott.   

Now, he has a more appropriate twin.  Check this comparison: 


This one is Sam Beam.  We’re lately loving Iron and Wine so I felt safe to post this one.  Hopefully, he won’t cut his hair in response.  On the other hand, hopefully he won’t grow a beard that long either!  On an interesting note, they were, in fact, born the same year in the same state.  Spooky, huh?  Yeah, not really.  But they could have been classmates.