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Surprised by small things

My friend, Laura, recently introduced me to the wonders of spaghetti squash.  What an amazing vegetable!  Who knew squash could masquerade as pasta?  Is my enthusiasm naive?  Does everyone know about spaghetti squash?  Laura taught me her culinary ways:  Slice in half (not easy–imagine arm muscle on the pumpkin carving scale), scrape out the guts, boil 20-30 minutes, submerge in cold water.  Then the fun:  scrape with a fork and watch the spaghetti pile up on your plate.  I tossed mine with some pesto sauce.  The Creator is incredible.  What a surprise he crafted in this mundane-looking yellow veggie!  How he must delight in small things (like me).   

Well, that is about all I have the energy to blog.  I had a birth last night and the need for some sleep is muddling my brain.  I can happily report that an unmedicated woman gave birth to a peachy perfect, alert baby last night.  And it was her first time.  And it was in a hospital.  Birth.  Yep, good stuff. 

Small things.