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I found out this week that I’m a lawbreaker.  If you’re still my friend after I confessed to eating oxalis, you may want to reconsider.  Don’t let me near your children; I could be a bad influence.  What is my offense? 

I water my garden.  Yes, our town has deemed watering the garden a $200 offense.  Now I am all for water conservation.  Fine the people watering their grass or pressure washing their house.  Turn off the decorative fountain, drive unwashed cars, take quick showers.  Give out rainbarrels and educate about how to build a graywater system.  But really?  Fining people for growing food?  I live in a rural area and I know that many of my neighbors depend on their gardens.  The food in my freezer may not make or break us, but it certainly helps.  

As my neighbor, Mr. Police Officer, was picking tomatoes, basil, oregano, and a green pepper from my garden for his dinner pizza, he affirmed he wouldn’t enforce this rule for gardens.  So there, city council.