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Cider and Scrooges

Yesterday was D-Day–our semi-annual “Daddy Day.”  In celebration of Scott’s birthday, we spent a beautiful Friday doing “Christmasy” things.  We started the day with my death-by-chocolate muffins.  Then we loaded up for a sojourn to NC to cut a tree.  I received the wife-of-the-year award for planting Scott’s birthday present in his truck–a TomTom already programmed with the address of the Christmas tree farm.  We ate at a sketchy sub shop in Cashiers where the strange and somewhat offensive owner gave Norah an ice cream cone.  So that was nice, I guess.  Then we wandered up to Highlands to buy a Christmas ornament–a ritual since high school.  We selected a woodsy acorn made out of leaves to honor our Leaf.  And we grabbed two wooden sea kayak ornaments.  We found our way home on a winding unpaved road (which impressively was recognized by the GPS) and commenced tree-decorating.  Scott and I have had some tense moments in our marriage decorating the tree.  Scott is a decorator at heart and I’m…well…more of a sloppy slinger of ornaments.  One year, I even tearfully boycotted the tree altogether.  Maybe it was the hot apple cider, but we found a sort of symbiosis (granted Scott may have rearranged the deco after I went to bed).  We ended the day curled on the couch with “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  Ahhh. 


Meanwhile, I found new information on Burger King’s scrooginess in my inbox today.  If you have two minutes to complete a form letter to send to the scroogy CEO’s…please check it out.

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  1. just when i got the coffee under control and trading all fair… now tomatoes???


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