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Blessingways and Broken Mornings

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I’m re-reading Spiritual Midwifery and getting lost in the hippie love of the Farm midwives.  Why is it that in almost every Farm birth story, the couple makes out during labor?  I didn’t even think of that during my labor.  I was very close to Scott physically and emotionally during the process and he was very hands on but we weren’t making out.  No.  I asked him if he’d be willing to give it a go next time around.  Of course, he suggested we start practicing right away. 


Because I’m dreamily lost in the Farm love, my background music carries the smell of patchouli.  Yesterday, Norah and I were riding in the car.  I was listening to a Cat Stevens song.  Norah asked, “What’s dat song called?”  I said, “It’s called ‘Morning has Broken.'”  Norah:  “It needs batteries, Mommy?”

This Saturday is our monthly Blessingway at UCEDS.  The Blessingways are free and open to anyone.  It is our way of surrounding new and expectant families with positive support and mindful information.  Caryn will be sharing her birth story and then we’ll have an informational session on Cloth Diapering 101.  We need experienced women with encouraging wisdom to bless these new families.  We meet from 2-4 at UCEDS the 4th Saturday of each month.  Children are welcome.       


The beauty I have seen today:

  • A sweet postpartum mama and her precious 6 week old.  It is an incredible experience to watch a couple become parents. 
  • Norah dancing around the house in her polka dot undies singing Moonshadow.
  • My friend Laura’s campus Bible study and her unfathomable care for others. 
  • A two-year old’s positive thinking while on the potty:  “Poopy, come out.  Come out, poopy.”
  • The amazing play table Scott built for Norah’s dollhouse.  Wow.


And the ugly:

  • An advertisement for a local pregnancy seminar:  So You Think You’re Smarter Than Your OB/GYN? taught by an OB, of course.
  • A grocery store scene.  I hate witnessing those. 
  • Words I said.  I squirted tart in a friend’s eye. 
  • My hair.  Um, I really need to wash it.  Really.