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To the unknown woman in the parking lot: a public apology

Granted, um, she probably doesn’t read my blog.  Still. 

Today at the mega-store-which-shall-remain-unnamed (it was the closest place to buy printer ink), I saw a mom in the parking lot.  She was parked next to me.  I had Norah wrapped on my back.  She was juggling two small children and leaning into her car to pull out an infant in a carseat carrier. 

I commented on her adorable son who was wearing a superhero costume complete with cape.  Very snazzy.   

She commented on my wrap.  Very clever. 

I said something stupid like, “Looks like you could use one.  Those things are so heavy to lug around.”  Why?  Why did I feel the need to say that?  Why didn’t I go get a shopping cart for her instead?  I had been working on babywearing pros all day in preparation for my Babywearing 101 class tonight and it warped my brain or something.  I am sorry.  I am an idiot. 

If you see her, please tell her, ok?  

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  1. Gosh, I say that every day at Jennie G’s! Suzi’s carseat is, I think, the heaviest one ever.

  2. i thought you meant the baby– in which case it sounded kind of silly and funny. regardless, maybe she will, instead of thinking you were blunt, say, “gosh, that lady at ******* with the kick-booty wrap was onto something; those baby buckets ARE heavy.” and this will lead her on a path to babywearing bliss. this from the queen of foot-in-mouth disease, moi. don’t sweat it, chickpea.

  3. inexplicableways

    I feel like I gave momentum to the Mommy Wars. Meanwhile, maybe I would feel better if I stopped in for a visit with my friend Carey as I’m driving by her house this afternoon. Maybe she’ll be home.

  4. gracefullearning

    WWAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! You both need to drive (again, Mrs. Carey) to VA!!!
    Hey….get this: we might be heading to Clemson in April for a math conference!!! Oh….can I see you’s guys?


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