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To the unknown woman in the parking lot: a public apology

Granted, um, she probably doesn’t read my blog.  Still. 

Today at the mega-store-which-shall-remain-unnamed (it was the closest place to buy printer ink), I saw a mom in the parking lot.  She was parked next to me.  I had Norah wrapped on my back.  She was juggling two small children and leaning into her car to pull out an infant in a carseat carrier. 

I commented on her adorable son who was wearing a superhero costume complete with cape.  Very snazzy.   

She commented on my wrap.  Very clever. 

I said something stupid like, “Looks like you could use one.  Those things are so heavy to lug around.”  Why?  Why did I feel the need to say that?  Why didn’t I go get a shopping cart for her instead?  I had been working on babywearing pros all day in preparation for my Babywearing 101 class tonight and it warped my brain or something.  I am sorry.  I am an idiot. 

If you see her, please tell her, ok?