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I’m sure most of you know about the AMA resolution already.  Quick sum-up:  the medical trade organization has joined with ACOG to pursue legislation for “safe birth.”  Safe birth, of course, being birth supervised by a doctor.  The funny part is that the resolution targets Ricki Lake for daring to discuss her homebirth on the Today show.  So Ricki has responded and I wanted to link the article

I’m really sick of reading homebirth debates.  Same old anecdotes, statistics, ignorance being tossed about.  The discussion should be about choice.  And it isn’t like families are choosing homebirth in droves!  We’re talking about a small segment of the population.  Shouldn’t the AMA be worrying about cancer, insurance, MSRA, or some other big fish?  It is really amusing that the AMA/ACOG is so ruffled about midwives.      

ETA:  Today the AMA voted to remove references to Ricki Lake from their resolution.  I guess they didn’t think anyone was paying attention?       

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  1. i am so glad you blogged about this… my favorite quote so far was from midwifery today, who said that the Amish and other groups who have traditionally chosen homebirth for centuries would be very surprised to learn they were “trendy”. you birth how you live… you birth how you live. i wonder how this will all pan out??

  2. My favorite was also from Midwifery Today: Judy Slome Cohain in response to the ACOG homebirth statement issued in February asking “What Would an Evidence-based Statement on Homebirth from ACOG Say?”

    “This is the statement ACOG would file if facts interested them: We at ACOG recognize that, according to our most recent poll, none of our members have homebirth practices and, therefore, making a homebirth statement is unnecessary since this subject is outside the expertise of ACOG members. For the purpose of making an informed choice, consumers should not look to ACOG for a statement on this subject.”

  3. judy slome cohain is a *****. she wrote into MT about my story and said that obviously the reason i ruptured was because of my macrosomic infant… not the crummo suture job and bladder adhesion– in spite of ina may’s accompanying research article. she further pointed out that there has never been a documented rupture with a baby weighing under 5.5 pounds. well sheesh… lets avoid ruptures by having low birth weight babies. that was exactly what one should glean from our pieces. *growling*

  4. see also nancy wainer cohen’s pieces about *robust* (NOT “macrosomic”) VBAC babies.

  5. Oooo, SHE’S the one? I take back this one nice thing I’ve said about her. Her quote is clearly stupid. Hurumph.

  6. AAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! On all counts.

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