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Today I plunged into an cold river before my brain could catch up with my body and stop me.  A river so cold my body never got used to it.  I could only swim to keep from shivering.  There is nothing like the sensation of tingly, electric skin after a mountain water plunge. 

My dad taught me the art of river play; how to find air pockets beneath rapids, slide across rough mossy rocks, and navigate the slippery ones.  He forever urges me to jump in, swim harder, touch the bottom, slide down, make it across.  My husband, of course, takes river play to another level and sometimes I try to follow his games though usually I’m left swirling in a froth of white water. 

Celebrating with such amazing fathers; including my sister’s sweet husband (future father)–beautiful day. 

i keep hearing / tree talk / water words / and i keep knowing what they mean  –Lucille Clifton       


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  1. I am married to one of those fathers [Yours], and your love of water, Julie, is one you learned early. Before you could balance on your feet, they were touching the cold waters of many rivers. Watching you shiver and giggle with your sister in the Chattooga was another joy-filled moment that reminds me of many wonderful memories made together as a tighly-woven family. And you have married a man like ‘dear old dad’, because Scott is filled with as much mischief and daring as your own.
    Thank God for your daddy…he has instilled many ideals within you, with one being his joy of play! That gift of laughter will serve you well in a world of stress and conflict.
    Love to you,

  2. *a child of the chlorinated, ever-still pocket of predictable pool water*
    mollie g.’s “…sitting in a tree” post reminded me of this post of yours and how big of a sissy i am for fearing wild water so… it is exactly that scene from swiss family robinson… *shiver*
    i admire your adventuresome-ness so!

  3. Come with me then. Leave the girls at home and we’ll go adventuring one day.

    Just be certain you don’t break your mom’s rule about the merging of wild and tame waters.

    We saw a snake on the trail today. A baby one.


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