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If you’ve been around my blog much, you know I try to practice positive discipline.  It has been difficult finding mommy mentors.  I began with online friends and now I’m steadily building my real life community of families who practice pd. 

Then I discovered Kelly!  Turns out Kelly has been doing this positive discipline thing for years (her kiddos are teens now) and she even teaches pd…in Upstate SC!  So I roped her into meeting me one day.  I had planned our meeting on a morning I wouldn’t have Norah with me; I didn’t want to, um, mess up.  And of course…that backfired and I found myself with Norah in tow.  I remember Norah was carrying some star stickers and one of the first things I blurted to Kelly:  “The stars are not for a reward chart.”  But I needn’t have worried!  Kelly was so inviting, complimentary, and well, positive! 

Go check out her blog and her website.  Take one of her classes.  The ones I saw posted were only 10.00/person!  For those of you waiting for the rumored Positive Discipline group to form, Kelly has promised to be available to hold our hands.

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  1. somehow i think we’ll have to find somewhere *not* in marilyn’s backyard for such a group. a place where our positive outlooks can be appreciated. 😉


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