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Informed Consent

Friends don’t let friends have babies at St. Francis eastside. 

There.  I said it.

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  1. Aside from the ghetto aspect of it, why, or can you not say?

  2. Have you heard about the awful “the doctors” segment that was on NBC this afternoon? They had these two supposed doctors (one was a Barbie, complete with hair extensions, and the guy reminded me of Ryan Seacrest in scrubs) who basically bashed home birth and birthing centers by bringing in several women who had bad experiences, and not sharing any positive opinions. It was so stupid. They had one lady who had a home birth and her baby had enlarged kidneys (they would’ve still been enlarged at the hospital!) but the baby lived, so I’m not sure what their point was. The woman said doctors *never* rush a woman to benefit their own schedules. My mom called to tell me to watch it, and I was so disappointed to see it was that kind of junk.

  3. I don’t want to reveal specifics–respecting privacy. It boils down to a lack of patient choice. “this is the way we do it here” attitude. And lately some horrible lactation experiences.

    I know that there are good caregivers who work at St. Fran. But the attitude and policies of the hospital define the overall practices. Maybe my next post will be how much I prefer Greer Memorial.

  4. I’ve always wondered where I might deliver should I have a hospital birth. Currently I lean towards Greer Memorial or St Francis Womens. Greer because I’ve heard the doctors who deliver there are much more natural friendly and they have birthing tubs (or at least Allen Bennett did) and St Francis Womens because of the friends I’ve had who delivered there and said how wonderful it is.

    Have you seen this video:

    I about cried when I heard the woman talking about how she stated her wishes and the doctor ignored them anyway.

  5. My friend who is a massage therapist and attended my daughter’s birth (and was a Godsend!) began working at St. Fran Eastside on the ob floor shortly thereafter. She was so excited t be working there, and eagerly told all who would listen about her experience assisting me with my daughter’s birth. When I found myself there a couple of months later (we hadn’t spoken; I was kinda overwhelmed) I went by to see her…and she didn’t work there anymore. She’s never told me the details, but she cannot rave enough about the choice we made to have our daughter at the birth center with the midwife, or contrast the two environments, etc sharply enough. I wish I’d been surprised by her experience, but I wasn’t.


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