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What, you may ask, is a hydromedusae?

Yeah, so in a nutshell–it is a jellyfish–but not the stinging kind.  In the evening, this part of the beach is invaded by them.  Norah calls them “lily-pads” and was terrified by them until Scott coaxed her into poking them and then began a discus throwing contest.  The water is clogged with them.   

Since I was looking down into the ocean to avoid the rather unpleasant bumps against my legs and squishes beneath my toes of these drifting jellies, I found treasures! 

Ah, I don’t want our family time and vacation living to end.   

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  1. I’m so jealous…we had to forgo a vacation this year to save up vaca time for Eric to be at home after the baby is born. So tell Norah to toss some extra sand back into the sea for the Snapp Family! 🙂

  2. We saw these a few weeks ago in Ocean City. My daughter collected scads of them and kept one overnight in a bucket. We called them “sand ghosts” until we got home and did a quick internet search to identify them as Hydromedusae. She was so excited that we had played with jellyfish…with no stingers, of course!


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