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10 Years Ago

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Right about now (11am) ten years ago, Scott kissed the bride.

Some things haven’t changed much:  Scott got a kayak paddle salute as we left the church.  And since I was obsessing about equality, the lovely church ladies put “Congrats Scott and Julie” on one side of the church sign and “Congrats Julie and Scott” on the other side. 

Some things have changed:  The beloved jeep that carried us away from the church is gone.  Many faces in our wedding pictures have scattered to other places–some as far away as China.  Our flower girl is much taller than I am now.  Scott’s hair is several inches shorter.  And I would never fit in that dress!   

Ah, that fateful night a baffledirritated, slightly put-out teenage boy got tricked into a date…who would have imagined the chain of events to follow?

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  1. Happiest of Anniversaries to you both!!!!!!! And many more to follow……

  2. What a beautiful bride! Congrats on 10 years!

  3. That’s a great picture of a happy couple. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Oh my gosh girl what a beautiful pic and congrats on 10 years woohoo! Go celebrate!

  5. That is a gorgeous wedding picture. Congratulations!

  6. yer purdy… and fairly loveable too. who wouldn’t want to be married to you for ten years? congrats, chickee.

  7. You look so beautiful. That has not changed my dear! Happy wedding anniversary. Congrats! I have been thinking about you guys. Call when you are ready to make a head band for Norah!


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