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So here are a few of my latest favorites:

Belly Chimes

Virtual Labor Game

Felted Slippers

Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

Reusable Sandwich Bag (which my mother-in-law helped me sew myself–Yay!)

Plan Toys Balancing Monkeys (which Norah never tires of playing)


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  1. I wanted one of those belly chimes when I was pregnant with Suzi, but never got one. We did order a couple of wrap-n-mats recently though. We use too many ziploc bags. I can’t wait for the reusable ones to get here.

  2. I LOVE the sandwich wrapper. How cool! I think I will have to try and make some too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. The sandwich wrapper was so easy to sew. And you guys know I don’t sew. I did not use a vinyl layer though since I’m trying to move away from plastic. I used broadcloth and I’m hopeful my sandwich won’t dry out. Scott will be guinea pigging it this week.


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