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One of these women

I love this breastfeeding ad from Scotland.  Would an ad like this one ever run on American TV? 

This one from Australia is wonderful, too!

We did have a fantastic breastfeeding campaign here in the states but it was never launched.  The US Dept of Health tried but the ads were squashed by political pressure and a powerful pharmaceutical lobby.  Here is an example of one of the commercials:

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  1. I loved the second one. That’s the argument I hear from so many people and I get so tired of trying to reason with them that no one wants to eat in the bathroom…besides the fact that breastfeeding on a toilet would be highly uncomfortable.

  2. the bullriding mama cracks me up. genius. maybe someday we’ll see these on tv here!

  3. The Scottish one is intriguing. It’s a good ad, but the emphasis on how discreet breastfeeding is kind of buys into the idea that it’s shameful or anti-social to do it openly. I suppose that may be because of their historically low rate of breastfeeding – people might not be used to seeing it. I do like the US ad but it’s a little more controversial, I suppose. What a shame it wasn’t aired.

  4. I have seen the bullriding mom before, and I could’ve sworn it was on TV. Jordan said he’d seen it too. I don’t remember it being about breastfeeding though, and I think I would’ve remembered that. I hate that all anyone wants to talk about is how we wouldn’t want to make formula-feeding moms “feel guilty.” Moms are made to feel guilty for all kinds of other things. If they didn’t know breastfeeding was best, they wouldn’t feel guilty–and I think they have the right to know.


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