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Caryn–this post is partly a response to your request for milk supply musings.  Enjoy! 

Diana West, IBCLC, is my breastfeeding guru.  She wrote the book Defining Your Own Success and co-authored The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk.  She created a website for women who are breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery and a website for low milk supply.

Last year, I listened to a two-part podcast of Diana West discussing milk supply issues.  I listened to it again this weekend and remembered how wonderful it is!  She begins with a concise explanation of the biology of feeding before jumping into the specifics of galactagogues and treatment plans for problems.  While most women will not experience a biological or surgical supply issue, many women do find themselves with low or dwindling supply due to a lack of understanding about breastfeeding. 

I recommend this podcast for moms-to-be, nursing moms, and birth professionals.  It is free to listen online or download via the Motherwear Breastfeeding Podcasts on itunes.

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  1. On the opposite end, do you have any suggestion for a mom with incredibly overabundant supply? She’s able to get 11 oz (pumping) in 5 minutes and when she nurses, her babe about drowns in the amount of milk coming out. Her LO is about 4 weeks old but spent 2 weeks in the NICU so they’ve really just started BF. While in the NICU the mom pumped and the baby got milk through a tube.

  2. Oddly–on the low milk supply site, I was just reading the section on oversupply. Maybe pass along some of the info found there? The idea is to control the forceful ejection without increasing supply. So the oft recommended strategy of pumping before nursing is ultimately counterproductive.

    Wow…11oz in 5 minutes! Later on, when she’s settled into nursing and parenting, she might consider donating milk to premature and critically ill infants through a place like the National Milk Bank. It is free. And they take care of sending a nurse to take a blood sample for screening, sending you a pump if needed, and sending dry ice packaging/bags/shipping containers for mailing your milk off.

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  4. thanks Julie! a girl I know is having issues w/ her 4th little one (keep in mind this woman is the anti-nurser “it’s yucky”) but she asked if I would pump for her! so I have to re-establish my supply. I’ll let you know how it goes- this poor baby is being trained up and -oh I could go on and on. horrid.


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