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THE breastfeeding podcast

Caryn–this post is partly a response to your request for milk supply musings.  Enjoy! 

Diana West, IBCLC, is my breastfeeding guru.  She wrote the book Defining Your Own Success and co-authored The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk.  She created a website for women who are breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery and a website for low milk supply.

Last year, I listened to a two-part podcast of Diana West discussing milk supply issues.  I listened to it again this weekend and remembered how wonderful it is!  She begins with a concise explanation of the biology of feeding before jumping into the specifics of galactagogues and treatment plans for problems.  While most women will not experience a biological or surgical supply issue, many women do find themselves with low or dwindling supply due to a lack of understanding about breastfeeding. 

I recommend this podcast for moms-to-be, nursing moms, and birth professionals.  It is free to listen online or download via the Motherwear Breastfeeding Podcasts on itunes.