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Advanced Prehistoric Babywearing

I know, I know.  The title sounds oxymoronic. 

You might remember that my toddler loves for her dinosaurs to babywear.  See last year’s post

Today, we were startled to discover the baby torture device carrier she rigged for her long neck.  If you look closely, the mother dinosaur is wearing three babies using a headband, two ponytail holders, and a carabiner. 


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  1. That is adorable!! Although I think that dino mama might be slightly uncomfortable 😉

  2. a new vision of attachement parenting!
    Do I detect bare ground and even green life in the background?

  3. Yes Denise. Behold February in SC. I think we hit 70 degrees. Blah. I miss NY.

  4. I love these pictures-too cute! Definitely made me laugh 🙂


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