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Babywearing Benefit #503

Babywearing will keep your little carnivore close while on the Great Migration.   

Scott and I found this herd while we were making breakfast this morning.  Norah rigged up her headbands as slings so that the daddy and mama could carry their baby dinosaurs.  Real Sharptooths wear babies!

ETA Aug 31:  We found this back-carrying dino this morning.  She used a ponytail. 

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  1. How creative! It’s amazing to see what kids come up with.

  2. Julie, that’s precious!!!!! Give that girl a hug.
    I miss seing her! Love you!!

  3. I love this! Seriously! What a gal! Been enjoying wearing Wyatt everywhere and people are always commenting about it. “We didn’t have things like that when I had kids…” I thought you didn’t have fabric? Seriously, by 6 yards of gauze is still my fave, but now I have a pouch too…made it myself of course. In fact M’s dental hygenist hired me to make her a ring sling as she is 6 months pregnant. hey I can always use the little extra monies.

  4. Wow! Gini–that is awesome! I envy all you sewing ladies.

  5. wow, even cuter than I imagined! Your daughter is a genius!


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