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And speaking of cesareans

Time Magazine has released a timely article on VBACs.  A quote from the article:  “When the problems with multiple C-sections start to mount, we’re going to look back and say, ‘Oh, does anyone still know how to do VBAC?'”

Curious about which hospitals ban VBACs in your state?  Check out ICAN’s new database.  The closest hospital to my house makes the list.  Ahem, Palmetto Baptist Easley.  I was surprised to see AnMed on the list of “de facto” bans.  I know of at least one VBAC at AnMed in the past year.  I hope this listing is a mistake.

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  1. I was going to look and see if AnMed was on there. Doesn’t surprise me that much. I know several people who have had c-sections there when it wasn’t necessarily, well, necessary. But it is good to know they are better than some when it comes to post-c-section procedure, after reading your last post. So where WOULD one go around here to attempt a VBAC?

  2. Were I attempting a VBAC, I would choose Greer OB and go to Greer Memorial. They are small enough that it is unlikely more than one woman would be in recovery at the same time. A nurse there told me the family could stay together until the mom moved to LDR. However…I haven’t attended a cesarean there and haven’t heard from anyone who has. So I would certainly double/triple check that if I were going there.

    For a planned cesarean, I might choose St. Francis or AnMed.

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