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2nd Trimester

Food cravings:

Champagne (yes, seriously), grapes, strawberries, guacamole, oreos/milk, mexican food, dill gherkins, and lemons with sea salt


Rainbow Light Complete prenatals (giant horsepills), liquid chlorophyll, oatstraw/nettle tea daily, calcium/magnesium and chamomile tea before bed, red raspberry leaf tea a few times a week

Physical changes:

I have a little bump.  My nose is always stuffy–a pregnancy side-effect I remember well from Norah   

Hormonal Changes:

Ask my husband.  No, really I think I’ve kept it normal.  I do have a shorter fuse right now, though

Wardrobe Changes:

I bought some long flowy dresses.  They aren’t maternity but they are high-waisted.  I can’t wait for summer!  And I found some consignment nursing tanks and shirts.  Abby loaned me her bella band.  For the little one, Old Navy had a stellar sale on newborn clothes.  And I picked up some white onesies to tie-dye.  I also reclaimed my Baby Nest carrier (my newborn carrier of choice) from a former client

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  1. I am ready for summer too. It will be a lot easier to get dressed when I can wear a dress or a skirt and not worry about pants that are either falling down or cutting across me. But the thing is, last time I gained more weight and so a lot of my clothes I saved are too big! (Not that I’m sorry.) I am hoping to pick some things up at the Upstate Kids sale next month.

    I have been taking those same vitamins–got them from Carey and Amy. They aren’t much fun to swallow.

  2. Oh and heartburn! I only had it one or two times with Norah and only near the end of pregnancy. I’ve been surprised by it hitting so strong so early.

  3. oh… the babes going to have lots of hair when it is born!

  4. That is what I’m hoping for Denise! A head full of curly hair!

  5. I’m taking Rainbow Light as well, but man, are they hard to get down! It doesn’t help that swallowing pills makes me feel even more sick than usual.

    I also love dill picklessssssss….yum…too bad I ran out of the ones I canned this summer 😦

    BTW- I started on Traditional Medicinals pregnancy tea- do you make your own tea (i.e. steep with actual RRL) or do you think this would be effective too? Just curious!

  6. As much as I love Traditional Medicinals, they are a tad pricey. I usually keep bulk RRL on hand. If I’m thinking ahead, I buy it by the lb from Mountain Rose Herbs. If I’m not thinking ahead, I buy it in smaller amounts from the bulk stock at Garner’s or Earth Fare.

    For teas that I’ll drink daily, I make an infusion ahead of time (1 mason jar, a cup of herb, filled with boiling water–steep for at least 4 hours) and keep it in the fridge.

    I despise swallowing pills. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Scott can swallow six horse pills at a time without even drinking anything. Oh the jealousy.

  7. BTW – DGL is not the same as Licorice Root, according to Raffelock et al. Still not sure if it’s contraindicated, but I’m guessing not. Don’t make Abraham your barometer though, I don’t think it was DGL that made him so . . . “fantastic”.

  8. All I know…you are crazy hot.
    You wear pregnancy well. I can’t wait for the third trimester…

  9. i concur. julie is supercute pregnant.
    let us just go in on wholesale vitamin orders and all get new chapter. yum! yummy!
    please try (i know i’ve said this 100 times) food enzymes for the heartburn. digest gold works every, every time. promise! pricey, but lasts a while.
    and to nag again, fizzy calcium. fizzy calcium.


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