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A Great Homebirth Article

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Jennifer Block has written another excellent article on homebirth.  A couple of tidbits from the article: 

The British government, in fact, is now nudging healthy women to stay home. ACOG, meanwhile, likes to pass out a bumper sticker to its members: “Home Deliveries are for Pizza.”

People deeply, deeply believe that a baby cannot be born without massive amounts of medical intervention, and it’s nearly impossible to overturn that cultural norm. There’s something blocking people from operating on the basis of the balance of evidence. There’s much more evidence on the safety of home birth than there is for elective cesarean section or so many of the other things that we do as a matter of course.

Interested in homebirth in SC?  Interview a midwife.

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  1. Ugh. I’ve seen the bumper stickers! 😛

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