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Greenville Memorial and Family-Centered Cesarean

I guess Greenville Memorial didn’t want me to only blog about Greer. They one-upped Greer’s family-centered cesarean.

History: When I first started doula work, sometimes I was permitted in the operating room at Greenville Memorial with my client. It was still hit or miss. However in recent years, the “rule” is only one support person for cesarean births. Until now.

Much to my surprise, at my last Greenville Memorial birth, JoAnn the trailblazing midwife, told me I was going back. I threw on some (cloth!) scrubs and Louise, a favorite nurse of mine, insisted I go with my client as she was being wheeled back.

That was the one-up.

Whenever I’ve been allowed back, I’ve first waited with dad until mom was prepped. This time, I stayed with mom the entire time. I was able to wipe a few tears while she waited, hold her while she received her spinal anesthesia, and talk with her as the surgery began. After the surgery, when dad left for a little while with their baby, I stayed until she was wheeled into recovery.

True continuous care.

Even better? JoAnn says the policy has now changed to allow two support people into the operating room.

I’m not saying I’m responsible for that. I’m just saying I’m glad I didn’t trip and face plant on mom’s uterus or something. Ruin it for everybody, you know? 🙂

Now, look at this adorable poppet enjoying skin-to-skin time with daddy in the operating room. Don’t worry, she got lots of immediate skin-to-skin time with mama first. Mom voluntarily permitted dad a turn.


It looks like family-centered cesarean birth will be standard care now at Greenville Memorial.

Now, let’s keep that cesarean rate on the decline!

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  1. Now it’s St. Fran’s turn to step it up!

    • The one birth I attended at St. Francis was a c-section. And while most things bothered my about the care the mom/baby received there, I was able to be in the OR with mom during the operation.

      During my birth last weekend at Greenville (twin birth), they let both me and mama’s acupuncturist in the OR during the birth of baby A. We had to leave during the c-section of Baby B because it was an emergency situation and mom didn’t have an epidural so she had to be sedated. But I couldn’t believe they let us both back there!

  2. Julie,
    You are as responsible as anyone for the changes in attitude. I also know you have taken plenty of arrows along the way. I am thrilled to see your efforts are being rewarded.

  3. Hello

    I’m wondering if I can use this skin to skin photo for a project I’m doing for nursing school. You can email me at I have not found a better photo to encourage other dads to do skin to skin following a c-section! Anything will help! Full Credit will be given to the person who took this photo and where it was retrieved.



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