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Attention locals!

I’m enrolling for a 6-week comprehensive childbirth course to begin in mid-February.  I need students, please. 

Classes will meet once a week in the evening.  Students will receive a huge childbirth book, a tote-bag, 8 relaxation and hypnosis CDs, a birth partner booklet with “cheat sheets” and lots more.  This is a Hypnobabies class series which will teach you how to prepare for an easy, comfortable birthing.  Even if you’re not sure about the hypnosis part (which I was completely skeptical about at first, too), you’ll benefit so much from the nutrition, exercise, positioning, and consumer information.  I’m very proud to teach this fantastic series.    

I cannot say it enough:  Cedar’s birth was so incredibly relaxed (and short) thanks to these tools. 

Please email me at j_byers[at]bellsouth[dot]net to reserve your spot.  I can only take five couples!

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