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Tomorrow’s Blessingway

Don’t forget tomorrow’s Blessingway at Earth Fare.  I’m so excited to hear Marion Heinert speak about Elimination Communication.  Just a tantalizing excerpt from her presentation:

EC is not toilet training, it is engaging in communication and becoming in tune with the baby by responding to a basic need. Diaper free has a much broader meaning than just going diaperless. It means freedom from an exclusive reliance on diapers following an easy rhythm that everyone can establish with baby. Have you noticed that many newborns will pee when their diapers are being taken off? This is mostly because they don’t want to wet themselves! By ignoring a baby’s elimination signal we are asking the baby to tune out a natural instinct. With EC the baby learns to trust, that you will respond to his/her needs (a vital part of Attachment Parenting). The baby maintains the bodily awareness he/she was born with and over time can make associations between cues and elimination.

Cedar peed on the toilet a few times when she was a few weeks old but I got side-tracked by other issues and EC fell by the wayside.  It is never too late, though, and I am looking forward to Marion’s encouragement and wisdom. 

We’re also going to hear Kathleen’s positive Greenville Memorial birth story.  I happened to be present for Kathleen’s birth.  Come hear how she intimidated all the nurses to stand against the wall and let her do her birthy thing. 

See you tomorrow at 2pm in Earth Fare’s community room.  Also, the folks at Earth Fare tell me there is a big event there tomorrow with bluegrass and loads of vendors so you might want to schedule some time to enjoy the festivities and freebies. 

Dads are always welcome at Blessingways as are older children.  Expect a little (or alot) of noise and chaos.  This is not a formal group!

ETA:  Just after typing this post, I was inspired to put Cedar on the toilet when she woke from her nap.  I used the same cue I tried when she was a newborn.  She went almost immediately.  Yes, I’m totally motivated!

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  1. spent a while on your blog today looking for this: and the instructions for the baby wrap with jersey knit fabric…was happy i found them both. my little bundle should be here any day. i’m looking forward to baby wearing and kangaroo care among the many other joys ahead :o)

  2. Mmmm…wrapping a newborn is simply the yummiest. I already miss it. Can’t wait to see pics Victoria!


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