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Ms. Fix-It

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Norah:  Daddy, why are you throwing away that door?

Scott:  It’s broken.

Norah:  Maybe we should call Joseph.

Scott:  Who?

Norah:  Jesus’ daddy.  He can fix it.  Or maybe Jesus could fix it.  Or the shepherds.  Or you, Daddy.

Scott:  What about Mary?

Norah:  She can’t fix it.  She’s a mommy.

Scott:  Mommies fix things.

Norah:  Mommy fixes dinner.  And she fixes me juice.  That is all she fixes. 

Ouch!  I thought we were doing a good job at non-gendering.  I think proper education needs to happen.  And I need to fix some things.

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  1. What a little pistol. She’s a trip! It was great seeing you and your girls yesterday.


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