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Hypnobabies Class Registrations


My January class overflowed so I split out some of the couples to begin a class in Feb.  That leaves:

  • One spot available in the January/February class (Jan. 2-Feb.13)
  • One spot available in the February/March class (Feb. 20-Mar. 27)

If you are interested in a Hypnobabies series, I encourage you to contact me sooner rather than later.  I’m not certain I’ll offer an April class so if your guess date is May or June, perhaps you may want the earlier classes. 

I’m really encouraged by the wonderful response to Hypnobabies in the Upstate.  Thank you for helping to spread the news.  I know my former students are responsible for many of these registrations.  I love you! 

Email me to find out more:  j_byers (at) bellsouth (dot) net.

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  1. What days do classes fall on?? I’m trying to figure out how a birth class somewhere/sometime will work with/around mine and Brian’s schedule…

    • My classes are on Sundays. I can’t imagine Brian in my class. He would have to promise to behave.

      You might also check with Kristin who teaches Bradley. Same price. I know her Feb. class is a Saturday afternoon.

      You can also arrange private classes when scheduling is terribly crazy. Um, which certainly describes you two!

  2. Yeah, it sounds like a private class might work better seeing as how I work every weekend now and Brian still has every other weekend.
    I’ve already talked to brian about behavior and being open-minded! I’m thinking I’m leaning toward Bradley – I am not going to try to convince myself that I won’t have pain and then fall apart when it doesn’t go as expected – I just want to get to a place where I’m knowledgeable and comfortable with what is going to take place. It sounds crazy, but I think I’ll welcome some amount of pain if it means I can do things the way it was intended and not the way of less liability for someone else…


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