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Snip snip sneakiness

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On Friday, the mommy alarm bells were going off.  I felt Norah was up to something but couldn’t put my finger on it.  As usual, I nursed Cedar to sleep for her afternoon nap.  It took around 10 minutes.  When I returned to Norah, I noticed she was wearing a hat but didn’t think much of it.  I swept up some playdough and opened the trashbin to dump it when…

Oh my.  The trashbin was full of blond hair.  *don’t react strongly, don’t react strongly*  Her friends, Maris and Clementine, have also recently cut their hair so I knew it was a possibility.

Me:  Norah, you cut your hair.  Let me see. 

Norah:  Removes hat with an impish grin.

Whew!  No scalp showing.  Wow…she did a pretty good job.  Still, I’m sad that she has bangs now.  What a hassle.

I didn’t find a single blond hair anywhere except in the trash and the kitchen scissors were neatly returned to their drawer.  We’re calling it “chunky layers.”  And look how much she looks like my preschool self:

I didn’t know about this sneaky side.  A new characteristic for the journey.

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  1. Wow, you have more patience than I do! She’s adorable!

  2. The bangs actually look really cute (I know they’re more of a pain though…)

    I cut my brother’s hair when I was about 4… it looked like he had mange. And it was the day before Easter.

  3. I was a sneaky snipper too!! They do look rather cute….

  4. It does look good. Lots better than I looked after I cut my own hair when I was three. I cut one side off at about the ear. That is such a cute picture of you too, Julie! The carpet looks kind of like the one we had at my house around that same time.

  5. Ohhhhhhhhh, Julie!
    As Mom and Mimi, I have always seen such a resemblance between you and Norah. To the point that I experience deja vu on a regular basis. The pictures speak a thousand words of ‘seeing yourself in your child’…enjoy this journey, my sweet, because I certainly am!!

  6. All things considered she did a fine job!

  7. Yes, I’m also impressed! I excused myself from the dinner table at her age and used pinking shears. I don’t think I faired nearly as well. Good job staying calm. It helps that she is adorable. Striking resemblance!

  8. The plot thickens. According to Maris, Norah told her a week prior to the incident that she was planning to cut her hair. Schemer!


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