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Moving through the waves

I was the doula for a Hypnobabies student recently.  She was a first-time mom planning a hospital birth. 

Now, I’ll let you in on a little doula secret:  when we think first-time mom, we plan for her to go past her due date and for the birth to be on the long-ish side.  So, quite honestly, I didn’t have her on the radar just yet.  It was still a few days until her guess date. 

However, I also know that Hypnobabies can result in shorter labors. 

When she texted at 8pm, her pressure waves were 7-8 minutes apart.  When I arrived at 9:30, I couldn’t tell when one began and one ended.  They seemed to be on top of each other.  She was using her “Peace” cue beautifully and moving through the waves.  By 1:30am, when we rolled into the hospital, she was 9-10cm dilated. 

She told me she found the car ride “relaxing.” 

I can’t wait to start a new Hypnobabies series next week!  I do have one spot left in my class.  Let me know if you’d like to sign up or spread the word to a pregnant friend.

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  1. I don’t think I told you this part about my Hypnobabies birth… As you know, my due date was February 14, but as part of the Hypnobabies program I “visualized” beginning my birthing time on February 11. My water broke at 9:30pm on February 10 and I began actively “laboring” around 6pm on February 11. Bowen was born 12 hours later at 5:58am on February 12… pretty amazing stuff!!! Hypnobabies is truly wonderful!

  2. Ha! Melissa, you could have mentioned to ME that you visualized your birth starting on the 11th. Maybe I would have been better prepared! 🙂

  3. Yea… I guess that would’ve been a good idea… Next time 🙂


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