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At yesterday’s Blessingway, we had 11 women who had given birth

Out of those women, 4 had VBACs (vaginal births after cesarean).  That may not sound like a big number but it is challenging to find support for VBAC.  I only recommend one OB group and even then it can be tricky.  With VBAC, you are guilty until proven innocent.  Any blip on the screen or any hesitation in dilation seems to give license to perform a repeat cesarean. 

It is interesting to note that all 4 of these VBAC babies were born out-of-hospital. 

Also, out of the 11 women, 2 were pregnant and planning VBACs.

If you want more information on VBAC, join our local International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) forum.

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